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License Transfer

Our team is well-versed in the provisions of Senate Bill 1262 and can guide original 51% owners through the process of transferring their license to a new entity if they have been subject to a predatory agreement. We ensure that the transfer is conducted within the legal framework set by A.R.S. 36-2854(A)(1)(f) and A.R.S. 36-2854(A)(9), and that the transfer is done at fair market value.


Social Equity Program Compliance

Our team is dedicated to helping businesses meet the requirements set by the Smart & Safe Act regarding social equity. We offer guidance on establishing policies and practices that promote inclusivity and equal opportunities within the cannabis industry. Additionally, we assist with reporting and compliance documentation to ensure that businesses are adhering to the regulations outlined in A.R.S. 36-2854(A)(1)(f) and A.R.S. 36-2854(A)(9).


Predatory Agreement Evaluation

Our team specializes in reviewing agreements signed by original 51% owners of marijuana establishment licenses for potential predatory elements. We meticulously analyze these agreements to assess if they were entered into before or within 12 months of license issuance and if they involve the sale of ownership percentage below fair market value. By conducting these evaluations, we help protect the rights of original 51% owners and ensure they receive the proper value for their ownership interests.

Benefits of Choosing Us

Gain advantages by aligning with our cause

Equitable Ownership

Ensure fair share for original 51% license owners

Market Value Deals

Secure license transfers at fair market prices

Social Equity Advancement

Create opportunities to bridge social disparity gaps


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